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Meet Heather C.

Heather Callahan

Dermatology & Advance Aesthetics Department
Board Certified Medical & Surgical Dermatology Physician Associate & Aesthetic Injector

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Why I joined the Aesthetic Field

“My philosophy is that everyone has their own sense of what beauty is, and that helps me develop each patient’s individualized treatment plans! I feel like every person should have the opportunity to express beauty without judgment. I truly believe the mind-body connection is a powerful thing, and that improved self-perception can go a long way to leave a positive impact!”

Fun Fact

“I was voted most artistic in my High School graduating class, and I’ve now traded in paint brushes for needles! LOL!”

Years in Practice


My favorite treatment to perform

“I’m especially enthusiastic about aesthetic medicine and I love injectables and laser platforms! Aside from my love for cosmetic aesthetics, I practice Dermatology, too! From performing skin cancer screenings, identifying and treating skin cancers and other dermatological conditions, I love it all! I’ll deliver that confidence from the inside out!”