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Tell That Blotch Good-bye With Melasma Treatments in Vienna

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Have you hit a dark patch? Not in your mood—on your skin. Darker patches and spots that start showing up on your skin are called “melasma.” 

These blotchy areas and freckle-like spots on your face are no match for Dermestetics’ melasma treatments in Vienna.

Book a consultation today, and one of our aesthetics experts will talk with you about your concerns, examine the treatment areas, and help you come up with an effective plan to treat—and possibly prevent—this skin condition.

Let’s look at the several ways we can help you say “bon voyage” to those blotches.

Radiance Peel for Skin Appeal

Chemical peels involve a gel-like substance applied to the skin to help peel away dead layers, exfoliating the surface while also cleansing pores.

Our Radiance Peel is a salicylic acid-based chemical peel for all skin types. As one of our melasma treatments in Vienna, the Radiance Peel exfoliates skin and helps restore the youth of your complexion. 

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Tixel Treatment for Terrific Tone

Tixel treatment is an outpatient procedure that delivers rejuvenating thermal energy to your skin. Tixel’s titanium treatment head surface is made of microscopic pyramids. The points at the top make contact with skin, delivering heat at a targeted depth.

This treatment stimulates natural collagen production while helping to disrupt the melanocyte cells that cause your melasma. Your body permanently flushes these dead cells for long-lasting results.

Medical Dermatologic Care for Melasma

Our medical dermatology services provide single or combination melasma treatments in Vienna. 

As a premier provider of medical dermatological care, our team of experts can diagnose skin issues—including those under the melasma umbrella—and their underlying causes. 

The board-certified providers at Dermestics deliver hope for healing with access to a broad range of medical treatments. And yes, they can include our aesthetic treatments for a truly comprehensive treatment plan. 

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Today’s the Day to Embrace Your Best Self!

Don’t let the uneven, blotchy effects of melasma stop you from realizing your best potential. Our melasma treatments in Vienna, Gainesville, and McLean can rejuvenate your skin, improving skin health while erasing imperfections.

As leaders in our field, your Dermestics team is passionate about constantly improving their skills. Whether it’s training on the latest techniques or investing in state-of-the-art technology, we strive to better serve our patients every day, in every way.

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